Not sure you have a problem?

If you don't believe us, there's an easy way to tell. When we have problems answering any of the four questions, we skew reality. And skewing reality *always* causes conflict. That conflict, in turn, affects our health in an unavoidable and discernible manner. We can ignore the truth, but our happiness and independence show incontrovertible signs.

Health Area When it's a problem Specific examples
Physical When you are not in good shape. Are you overweight?
Do you exercise?
Do you regularly drink or take drugs (including prescriptions!) or smoke/vape at all?
Relationship When you have constant turbulence. We should all have a partner and disagreements are natural. However, repeated issues and harsh language are just not healthy.
Family When you don't get along with your family or avoid building your own. By the time you are in your thirties, you should have children and a house or on your way to having both. I know this will upset people, but this is what the group requires.
Financial When you live paycheck to paycheck or don't save for the future. There are multiple ways to ensure financial security. Living within your means is how that starts and growing your earnings is the way it continues. You need to be able to save for a day when you may not be able to work.

If any of the items above are an issue in your life, then an emotional deficit is at work. And if there's an emotional deficit, it starts with a problem answering one of the four core questions.

When you are ready to confront the lies, Change the way you think.
Improve our algorithm.
We aim to help people easily and accurately identify their emotional void. If you don't believe any of the four questions apply to you, email INFO (at) and we will give you a free emotions inventory. That will help us build a 100% foolproof self-help system.
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