Is someone else Hopeless?
How to help someone persevere

You should definitely read the related overcome section first to understand where this person is coming from. After all, what you don't want to do is repeat the mistakes of their caregivers. Ridiculing failure or acting like it is unimportant is forbidden. You need to support them as they work through the process.

Support is a really important word in this case. Because it means not doing things for them but, rather, helping them figure out that they can do it themselves. It's more of a mentor situation in helping them have the right mindset. After all, in most cases, they have the intelligence capacity to work through issues so it is about helping them change their defeatist mindset. Of course, it all instances, you should do this with their approval, something you both should agree to before a situation arises. Trying to get someone to commit to your being an advisor when a situation is unfolding is not only bad timing, but is literally the same as how this whole defecit developed. It's the pressure of being pushed to succeed without the ability to do so. So you want to make absolutely sure that they see you as a teammate that is helping them achieve what they want as any type of adversary who is just waiting to pounce on them when they hit a bump.

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Am I Good?
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